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Pilihan Produk Minyak Sawit Ramah-Lingkungan

Pilihan-pilihan produk berbahan minyak sawit yang ramah-lingkungan, perlu lebih dipermudah bagi para konsumen. Karena saat ini di Inggris, misalnya, hanya 19% produk minyak sawit (palm oil) dilabel sertifikat Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Begitu hasil riset tim ahli dari University of Cambridge di Inggris yang dirilis oleh Environmental Research Letters  edisi Januari 2019 (Rosemary Ostfeld, David Howarth, David Reiner and Pawel Krasny. “Peeling back the label—exploring sustainable palm oil ecolabelling and consumption in the United Kingdom”. Environmental Research Letter, 4 January 2019 , Vol. 14, No.1).

“The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has made efforts to improve the sustainability of palm oil production by creating an environmental certification system for palm oil.  But currently only 19 percent of palm oil is RSPO-certified. This means the majority that finds its way into products people buy daily is still produced using conventional practices,” ungkap Dr. Rosemary Ostfeld, ketua karya ilmiah itu (IOP Publishing, 3/1/2019).

Melalui riset pasar perusahan YouGov., tim peneliti menanyakan 1.695 konsumen di Inggris tentang risiko lingkungan dari produk-produk yang berbahan minyak sawit seperti foods, body products, detergents dan biofuels. Responden juga ditanyai tentang sertifikat eko-label Fairtrade, Soil Association, dan RSPO serta pilihan produk-produk eko-label (ramah-lingkungan) dari pilihan belanja mingguan para konsumen.

Hasilnya, sekitar 77% responden mengetahui minyak sawit; sekitar 41% menyadari minyak sawit “environmentally unfriendly”. Namun, hampir tidak ada responden mengetahui label RSPO tentang produk berbahan minyak sawit ramah-lingkungan (sustainably-produced palm oil). Karena perusahan ritel dan barang konsumsi jarang menggunakan sertifikat label ini.

“We recommend governments require consumer goods companies and retailers to buy identity-preserved certified palm oil, which can be traced back to the individual plantation... This will help consumers know if they're sourcing their palm oil from growers who use best practices,” papar Dr. Rosemary Ostfeld (Institute of Physics, 3/1/2019).

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